Haida Gwaii Pledge, Treading Lightly & Giving Back

Every day, the choices we make affect our planet, our community and ourselves. Being mindful of having a positive impact and contributing to the health of these aspects of daily living drive many of our core values.




To honour our shared responsibility in caring for the Air, Ocean, Land and People of Haida Gwaii for future generations, we respectfully participate in the Haida Gwaii Pledge and encourage anyone coming to these Islands to live, work or play to do so as well. 

The pledge is a valuable commitment for all residents and visitors to make. We sign the pledge on behalf of our business and our family, in support of Haida citizens' inherent right to govern their territories, and to honour the call for following Haida ways of being in our actions. 

Four of the main Haida ways of being are outlined in the pledge, and require legitimate thought and implementation: 

Haida language is represented in the order of ­Xaayda Kil (Skidegate Haida) • Xaad Kíl (Old Masett Haida).

Respect for all beings 

Ad kyaanang   
Ahl kyáanang tláagang  
Ask permission first 

Tll yahda  
Tll yahda  
To Make it Right

Gina ‘waadluxan gud ad kwaagid  
Gin ‘wáadluwaan gud ahl kwáagiidang
Everything Depends on Everything Else 


This is work not taken on lightly. With heartfelt intent to learn and grow, to accept responsibility and to act in kindness, we move forward toward this common goal.

We encourage all our customers to take the time to learn more and honour this call to action: https://haidagwaiipledge.ca

Giving Back

In the spirit of support, collaboration - and to honour our commitment to action, we happily donate time and resources to island groups and organizations working toward equity, food security, social justice, environmental stewardship and nurturing our precious youth. 



Volunteer time, product donations, and 1% of sales, go back into our island communities to support dedicated organizations focused on these initiatives.

From the beginning, we've made it a core priority to source materials and services from local businesses and support our amazing wealth of Haida Gwaii talent wherever possible. We are so grateful to see the rewards of these efforts!