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Kyla & Natalie Edge of the World Haida Gwaii

We are Natalie Affolter and Kyla Mitchell - makers, growers, foragers, adventurers, mothers, volunteers, and on the side, we find time to run our small business in our unique community of Masset, Haida Gwaii. 

Inspired by the natural beauty of our surroundings, we have created a line of handcrafted soap and skincare products that reflect the diversity of sights, smells and experiences of Haida Gwaii and the North Coast. Rooted in tradition, we use old wisdom in a way that fits the modern world.

For those just passing through, our products offer a nurturing retreat for the world-weary soul, invoking the rambling beaches and misty forests of Haida Gwaii. And for those who live here, we offer locally made products using simple ingredients, created and sold by small businesses that support families in our communities.

We grow and wildcraft many of the plant-based ingredients found in our body products, and proudly incorporate two special north coast ingredients into several soaps: Blacksmith Brown Ale from Wheelhouse Brewing Company in Prince Rupert and coffee from Masset’s own Elephant Cage Coffee Roasters.

The island is blessed with many skilled and talented artists who have helped us put a face to our products and business. Take a moment to check them out on instagram and/or facebook:

  • Dominic Legault - Octopus Designs and @Dominic Pottery, graphic designer, crafter of our labels and amazing potter of our shaving mugs and soap dishes.
  • Kara Sievewright - @Maker of Nets, created the lovely watercolour images for our labels.
  • Jennifer Bailey - Sangan Design and @Frowardten, creates our ad designs and created the portrait for our Old Growth Beard Oil.
  • Jason Shafto, Full Moon PhotoGuy Kimola; and Bri Hamlyn, @Oh that Beeran provided additional website photography.

We love to showcase our lovely island home through our products, and hope you enjoy letting us lead you on a journey through the senses.

Natalie & Kyla


Natalie Salt Soak IslandwiseKyla Cutting Soap Islandwise Haida Gwaii.